Hello there, I'm so glad you could stop by! I'm Kendall, a sexy 22years old London based 100% independent English masseuse.

Kendall's Ambitions

I work as a masseuse at the moment, but I have plans to head back to school to study. I already have a bachelor in journalism, so I wanted to take some time off to think about what I actually want to do next with my life. So right now I just work, have fun, work, do the occasional road trip with friends, work, party, work, enjoy myself and spend some time abroad.

Kendall's Looks

The first thing people notice about me are my eyes or my "sweet" cherub cheeks.. Yeah, my grandma still pinches them, the cheeks that is, not the eyes... And I can talk really loud sometimes (what a fucking attention whore huh?). I tend to swear a lot, I don't mean it, I promise.

About Me

Kendall's "fun facts":

- My most creative moments happen whenever I'm driving. I come up with new bad words to express my feelings
- My love for pizza is probably weird to other people (turns out it isn't, I've found quite a few fellow pizzalovers)
- Got my first tattoo at 16 AND I haven't started regretting them yet
- I like cooking and baking, which is so confusing to people because of my "badass girl" image lol
- I think horror movies are hilarious. People usually think I'm either a cold hearted psychopath or just a weirdo
- I like superheroes and I own a pair of batman panties
- Actually, I'm more fond of dogs than cats, they like me even when I'm not bribing them with food
- Someone should probably punch me in the face for having the worst, most crude, dry and sarcastic humor possible
- My big (shopping) weakness is shoes (surprise coming from a girl, I know) and I'm going to put down Apple products here too
- I very, very rarely cry, it's not really my thing. If you want to make me cry, you should probably bring me along to a funeral.. They tend to get at me
- I quite like amateur porn, merely because it isn't as fake as the rest, so I would say that it's the better option if you can find one with decent lighting that's longer than a minute. Too much info?

Why Book an Appointment with Kendall?

You want to? I'm generally quite nice and polite (as polite as I get anyways) to people, so unless you act like a fucking twat, chances are I will answer you. Also, if you don't think I seem too weird and kind of interesting in some way I guess. And if you have read my profile you should definitely contact me, because that means I didn't manage to bore you to death and I will see you as some sort of hero I guess.

Just to give you some directions as to what I like though:
- Intelligent guys
- Guys with some humor (someone have to make up for the fact that my humor sucks)
- Guys who don't take themselves so seriously
- Guys who are nice to people around them
- Guys who are clean and polite

As for look-wise I do prefer the more natural "older type" men, not so much the pretty boys with fake tans (meaning orange guys who would wear more makeup than I do) and the likes. And I tend to like geeky people because I find them cute.
Oh and you can't like boy bands, justin bieber, one direction and all those other creepy things out there who lip-sync about loving themselves, except from when you're drunk and there are possibilities of a sing-along of course. Sorry, but there's my limit, I can't take a fangirl(boy?) seriously.
Anyways, I embrace you all hahaha! Oh and I like that there's so many diverse people in London, it's cute!
And I don't get why a lot of guys don't like being called cute. What is wrong with that? Cute is a positive word, but apparently it makes you feel less macho or something. But guess what, I don't fucking care, I'll call you cute if I think you're cute.

Tantric Bliss

My Tantric Bliss massage is a unique, erotic massage which allows you to relax and explore the erotic energy and enjoy as it flows through the whole body. Tense muscles, energy blockages and stress can get in the way of a healthy and energised feeling. By relaxing the muscles during the tantric massage, the bodily energy can flow freely through the body. This will make you feel relaxed, energized and aroused. A great way to treat yourself! :)

I will start with soft touching and kneeding so you can get accustom with my touch and can relax. Next to treating sensual areas of the body with my sensual body to body massage then the private areas will get the attention it deserves. After that the private areas will be treated to move onto the more sensual part of the tantric massage...an explosive HAPPY ENDING!!

Erogenous Exploration

What happens during the Erogenous Exploration massage? After a lovely fresh shower together you lay down comfortably on the bed, after which I begin the massage with my soft hands. The warm oil flows over your skin and is skilfully massaged in. Gradually, you notice due to the peaceful way of massaging that you feel more relaxed.

An important aspect of the Erogenous Exploration massage is the fact that the orgasm is delayed during this session by means of the special Lingam massage techniques. First, your back is nicely massaged in a relaxing way during a relaxation massage whereby your neck, shoulders, arms and legs get the attention they deserve. Caressingly massaging your buttocks with my soft hands, I will begin massaging the testicles. During the massage you turn on your back and with my exciting Body to Body massage I will inexorably work towards an erotic climax, which will be decreased afterwards in a highly professional way. I will slowly massage you in a highly loving way with my breasts and buttocks and I will utilise the lingam massage. The emphasis of this massage is on delaying the climax. The so-called lingam massage consists of several different massage techniques applied to your penis, scrotum, and testicles. These techniques will slowly but surely help you reach a climax. However, these climaxes will be decreased several times so you climax from your erogenous zones more intensely and all hidden zones will be stimulated more intensely.

Towards the end of this magical Erogenous Exploration massage, you will finally experience a very deep and intense climax (my Happy Ending technique is simply mindblowing!) and you may ejaculate. The erotic massage finishes with a caring and loving shower.

Mutually Beneficial Journey

The Mutually Beneficial Journey has been created to excite, please and seduce you. It is the only massage where you can ruly interact with my body, learning where, when and how to stroke a woman's body. Sensuality, looks and fondling are the secret of the game... Do you want to play? :)

I start the massage by embracing you from behind, massage you all over with my sexy body, breathing in your ear, my breasts stroking your back. Afterwards there will be a face-to-face body-to-body and mutual stroking with the hands over each other's body. This finishes with an amazing Happy Ending.

You can expect an intensely satisfying and deeply relaxing experience. You'll find it easy to relax in my company, I'm not intimidating. I love to please and am eager to show you a great time :)

Techniques here are much more elaborated and sensual too, for what you will experience an incredible link of pleasure with me. Two bodies together into one same feeling, two souls traveling together to the heaven of Tantra.

This Is Me!

This are my recent selfies. I hope you like them ;)
I'm 22years old, 5'6" tall, 24B and a very petite size 8!


Tantric Bliss includes Body-to-Body and Happy Ending (hand relief):
1hour: £100
1.5hours: £140
2hours: £180

Erogenous Exploration includes Shower together, Body-to-Body, Erogenous Exploration massage and prolonged Happy Ending (hand relief):
1hour: £120
1.5hours: £160
2hours: £200

Mutually Beneficial Journey includes Shower together, Intense & Mutual Body to Body massage and intimate Happy Ending (hand relief):
1hour: £140
1.5hours: £180
2hours: £220

How Can We Meet

I offer incalls in my nice flat in KILBURN, 4min walk from the tube.
Please CALL ME if you want to make a booking. If you're sending me an email please include your booking details such as date, time, location and any special requests and I will get back to you. All details are kept strictly confidential.

Mobile: 0795 1610289
Email: kendall@2hands-massage.co.uk